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Building Shenzhen into a modern, international, and advanced city is the strategic goal proposed by the fifth Party Congress of the city. Liu En, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, led a team to investigate the construction of international cities yesterday. Reporters learned that, as an important data reflecting the level of urban internationalization, there are currently more than 20,000 foreigners living in Shenzhen, and more than 1 million temporary residents.

Deputy Mayor Zhang Wen participated in the event.

Shenzhen will build an international city group with Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta

What is the concept of an international city? The “Outline for Promoting the Construction of International Cities in Shenzhen” has put forward a “template” for development, and will aim at cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul in the near future to become a regional international Shenzhen escort city with important influence in the Asia-Pacific region. In the next 30 years, Shenzhen will strive to become an international city group comparable to New York, London, Tokyo, etc., together with Hong Kong and the cities in the Pearl River Delta.

To achieve this goal, our city will prepare to establish the “Shenzhen International City Construction Advisory Committee”, and plans to invite senior diplomats, internationally renowned think tank experts and scholars, and senior executives of multinational companies to serve as advisory members on behalf of the municipal government, and build an international city. Construction of a high-end platform for foreign intelligence introduction and international exchanges. At present, Li Zhaoxing, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, has agreed to serve as the chairman, and Wu Jiawei, Haiwen, Ma Weihua, Zheng Yongnian, and other 30 people have gladly accepted the invitation to serve as members.

The number of foreigners visiting Shenzhen each year has exceeded 7.8 million

An important reference indicator of an international city is the number of foreigners living in it. According to the data obtained by the municipal foreign affairs office, there are currently more than 20,000 foreigners living in Shenzhen, more than 1 million temporary residents, and the number of foreigners visiting Shenzhen each year has reached 7.8 million. Shenzhen has become a “hot city” for foreigners to work and travel to China.

In order to better integrate foreigners into life in Shenzhen, various districts have cooperated in recent years to carry out activities with their own characteristics, through foreign volunteer service activities, holding foreigner symposiums, English talent competitions, organizing international students to enter families, etc., to allow foreigners to fully participate in social services and enjoy with the citizens.

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