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Due to the word “Thai” in its name, many customers mistakenly think Taishi Foot Bath is a Thai SPA shop. In fact, Taishi Foot Bath is an authentic Chinese massage shop, and all the technicians are from China.

Taishi SPA, like Jing She Foot Path, has an elegant environment. Unlike other foot bath shops, to create a quiet and comfortable environment, Taishi chooses to “welcome guests behind closed doors.” The moment you push open the small wooden door of Taishi, the simple and stylish Thai-style decoration inside contrasts sharply with the noisy environment outside. The foot bath shop is located in the cramped space of a busy shopping park, yet it has as many as 28 rooms. Besides foot therapy, you can also enjoy massages, SPA, and other services.

Taishi SPA offers two types of foot therapy: Taishi Foot Therapy and Functional Foot Therapy. Both are conducted on soft sofa beds, which are custom-made with imported Thai latex, making it easy to fall asleep. Taishi Foot Therapy starts with soaking the feet in mugwort, followed by lubrication with massage cream, and finally loosening the muscles and bones with a massage hammer, allowing the tired body to relax in just a few dozen minutes. Functional Foot Therapy is a foot bath project using essential oils combined with ginger. In fact, ginger has always been overly mythologized in foot bath shops. It contains gingerol, which is highly irritating to the human body. Prolonged contact with human skin may cause local inflammation, so customers should be cautious when choosing Functional Foot Therapy.

The technicians at Taishi SPA are professionally trained, with a focus on soothing and relaxing massage techniques. After the shanghai escort service, there are also complimentary desserts such as fruit salad and sago dessert, providing attentive service. The staff walk and talk softly, and the interior is equipped with soft music, offering excellent comfort.

Like Jing She Foot Path, Taishi SPA charges a service fee of several tens of yuan for each service, which is clearly marked on the service list in advance. The service fees for different service items and service durations also vary.

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