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Shenzhen is spearheading an ambitious project to become a “Global Ocean Central City”. This initiative is multi-faceted, encompassing economic, environmental, and cultural aspects.

Economic Perspective: Shenzhen is leveraging its advantageous geographical location, adjacent to the South China Sea, to establish a thriving marine economy. It is investing heavily in sectors such as marine biotechnology, ocean engineering and technology, marine renewable energy, and seaborne trade. The city also encourages the growth of its marine industry by providing supportive policies and fostering a conducive business environment.

Environmental Perspective: Shenzhen is taking concrete steps to protect and conserve its marine environment. The city is implementing strict environmental regulations to prevent marine pollution and is investing in sustainable marine practices. It has also launched several marine conservation projects, including the establishment of marine protected areas.

Cultural Perspective: Shenzhen is promoting marine culture and education. The city is home to several marine-themed parks and museums, which not only serve as tourist attractions but also play a crucial role in raising public awareness about marine conservation.

Infrastructure Development: Shenzhen is also focusing on infrastructure development to support its vision of becoming a global ocean central city. This includes the construction of world-class port facilities, marine research institutes, and ocean-themed urban areas.

International Cooperation: Shenzhen is actively seeking international cooperation in marine affairs. It is building partnerships with other global ocean cities and participating in international marine forums and exhibitions to share experiences and learn from global best practices.

Shenzhen’s vision of becoming a “Global Ocean Central City” is a comprehensive strategy that integrates economic growth, environmental protection, cultural promotion, infrastructure development, and international cooperation. It is a testament to the city’s commitment to sustainable development and its aspiration to become a global leader in marine affairs.

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