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He Xiang Gong is a Shenzhen wellness chain brand with a total of 6 branches. He Xiang Gong Fuyong Shenzhen escort Store, one of its branches, is the most well-known foot massage and leisure place in the surrounding area of Fuyong Street. Its architectural style is quite distinctive, resembling ancient pavilions and terraces, giving people a sense of ancient courtyard.

He Xiang Gong offers three types of foot massage services: expert Shenzhen escorts massage, special technique foot massage, and palace-style health foot massage. The duration of each service varies, with prices ranging from 89 to 269 yuan. The special technique foot massage involves soaking the feet in ordinary saline water, followed by a sequential massage of the shoulders, neck, feet, calves, and finally a foot acupuncture treatment, with a service duration of 90 minutes.

The palace-style health foot massage is characterized by soaking the feet in a medicinal water made from thirteen different Chinese herbs. However, the efficacy of Chinese herbal foot soaks is still a subject of debate in the scientific community, so consumers are advised to make rational choices.

In addition to the basic foot massage services, He Xiang Gong also offers a recommended service called holographic ear cleaning. Since the ears are a sensitive part of the body, improper pressure during ear cleaning can affect the experience or even cause harm. However, the ear cleaning technicians here have extensive work experience and use gentle and moderate techniques, providing a comfortable experience throughout the entire ear cleaning process.

After the cleaning, the technicians use tuning forks and silver needles with goose feathers to finish the session. The vibrations from the tuning fork are transmitted to the silver needles through the goose feathers, and then further transmitted to the ears. This vibration creates a soft and numbing sensation in half of the body, which is worth a try.

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