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Shenzhen has many small and large water spas, but only a few can be considered as top-tier establishments, such as Oriental Garden, Water Cube, and Oriental Palm Spring. As one of the best water spas in terms of hardware, scale, and service level in Shenzhen, Oriental Garden enjoys a high level of popularity among spa enthusiasts. Especially in terms of technicians, while it may be an exaggeration to call it the “Huangpu Military Academy for Shenzhen massage technicians,” thanks to strict screening and training, the technicians at Oriental Garden have excellent overall quality. Even after switching to other spas, they still use their “Oriental Garden background” as a selling point.

Walking into the gate of Oriental Garden located next to the Huanggang Village Archway, you can clearly feel its stylistic difference from other spas. Unlike the emphasis on grandeur in general clubs, Oriental Garden’s design focuses on preserving traditional Eastern elements. With the combination of modern minimalist naturalism and shapes such as beautiful Shenzhen Escort women, withered branches, pottery jars, and abstract landscape decorations, it creates a comfortable space. The emphasis on light and shadow changes in the clean space showcases a sense of elegance and tranquility, making it a refreshing design in the spa industry. In terms of facilities, it has everything including changing rooms, swimming pools, chess rooms, billiard rooms, and resting areas. The spaciousness highlights the club’s style and positioning. It is worth mentioning that Oriental Garden also provides reliable dining services, whether it’s the restaurant’s dishes or the complimentary fruit drinks, nothing is done carelessly. Of course, the prices of the restaurant dishes are quite high, comparable to some high-end Cantonese and Western restaurants. However, this can be seen as the pricing strategy of large-scale water spas, and criticizing Oriental Garden for not offering good value for money would be unfair.

As mentioned above, Oriental Garden indeed has a system for training its technician team. From lobby services to room oil massages, and even the highest-priced aromatherapy SPA, Oriental Garden’s technicians have skillful techniques and are mostly enthusiastic about their services while maintaining restraint in their sales pitches. Their tall figures, beautiful appearances, and appropriate work attire are pleasing to the eye. It is worth mentioning that the “Traditional Space” and “Moxibustion Health” projects in Oriental Garden’s rooms have strong expandability, allowing guests to receive additional massage services after communicating with the technicians. However, it should be noted that due to its popularity, the technicians at this club have encountered a wide range of experiences and are well-versed in dealing with guests. Guests who are not familiar with spa experiences may find themselves at a disadvantage, leading to unnecessary expenses. Therefore, for beginners with a limited budget, it is best to inquire about the prices of related services (including fees and tips) in advance and keep in mind their own bottom line, in order to enjoy a relaxing and cost-effective spa journey.

Although Oriental Garden may face criticism for its “high prices” in terms of hardware and software, it is without a doubt one of the top water spas in Shenzhen. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for,” in such a fiercely competitive industry, high-standard environmental facilities and high-quality service levels are undoubtedly linked to higher pricing. This is not a difficult concept to understand, and Oriental Garden’s overall performance is definitely worth the price.

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