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Yu He Tang Health Club is located in the Huaqiangbei business district, with convenient transportation. It has been open for more than 10 years and has a good reputation in the industry, rightfully being the big brother of the foot massage industry. However, in the booming foot massage service industry, Yu He Tang offers relatively few types of services, which may not fully meet the needs of young people who like new things.

Yu He Tang’s massage philosophy and techniques adhere to the health theories of ancient Chinese medicine, starting from adjusting the sub-health condition of the human body, focusing on the functional regulation of the body’s internal organs. As for the effectiveness, there is a lack of actual scientific evidence. The health club often plays Buddhist music such as the Great Compassion Mantra. If you are a consumer oriented towards leisure and entertainment, you might be disappointed here. However, for white-collar workers near Huaqiangbei, it is still a relaxing place to go.

Yu He Tang is quite strict in the selection of technicians, generally only recruiting experienced technicians. Since different foot massage shops have variations in massage techniques, newly recruited technicians will undergo about 3 days of training to standardize the techniques. Unlike other foot massage shops that use massage cream to lubricate the feet, Yu He Tang uses more expensive essential oils for foot massages. However, the technicians here are somewhat careless, and they do not ask customers if they are allergic to essential oils before applying them. If you are allergic to essential oils, please be sure to mention it to the technician to reduce the possibility of harm. The female technicians at Yu He Tang have a gentler touch, while the male technicians are stronger and can penetrate deeper, suitable for customers who prefer more pressure.

As an established shop, Yu He Tang’s overall environment is not outdated, and one can still see the splendor of its opening. However, for young white-collar Shenzhen escort workers, this style of decoration might seem a bit outdated. The technicians here all wear white coats, which, while professional, may cause some psychological pressure on customers with a fear of hospitals. Yu He Tang has a prime location, and customers flock here during peak hours, so it is recommended to make a phone reservation at least 3 hours in advance.

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