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Jingshe Footpath Health Club, although located in the Shopping Park Mall in Futian District, boasts an elegant environment, offering a tranquil oasis amidst the bustling city. The decor of Jingshe Footpath combines Chinese Zen and classical styles, with a subtle scent of sandalwood complemented by calming music, allowing one to relax quickly. The renovation of the space is ingenious; during the day, one can see a bamboo grove through the glass, and at night, the lighting adds to the serene atmosphere, making it an excellent place for relaxation.

The foot soaking services at Jingshe Footpath include Fragrant Royal Foot Soak, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Foot Soak, and Herbal Foot Therapy. The highlight is the Fragrant Royal Foot Soak, which uses fresh rose petals and pure cow’s milk for soaking the feet for about 15 minutes, followed by a soothing massage. This foot bath also includes a sea salt scrub for exfoliating peeling skin and cracked heels, and it has a whitening effect, making it a top choice for female customers.

Both the TCM Foot Soak and Herbal Foot Therapy incorporate traditional Chinese medicine into the foot massages. The TCM Foot Soak uses a special blend of more than a dozen Chinese herbs, while the Herbal Foot Therapy includes a leg massage with herbs wrapped in Thai fabric, in addition to the soak. However, due to the unknown components of the herbs and the controversy over the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine in the scientific community, customers are advised to choose carefully.

Jingshe Footpath charges an additional tip of 20-60 yuan on top of the service, depending on the customer’s financial situation and experience. The service staff will not hide this and usually inform the customers in advance.

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