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Dadang Foot Massage was established in 2002 and currently has over 70 brand stores nationwide. It has branches in major cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Suzhou, and Wuhan, as well as two branches in Manhattan, New York. It is a leader in the Chinese foot massage industry, providing millions of foot therapy services annually.

Dadang Foot Massage offers a high level of specialization in foot therapy. It has four levels of foot therapy projects: professional, intermediate, advanced, and special. These services are provided by technicians with different qualifications, and the fees vary accordingly. In reality, the techniques and procedures used by the technicians are not significantly different. However, more advanced technicians, due to their longer working hours and experience, have stronger penetrating techniques and are more capable of meeting customer needs. Other service offerings are also abundant, including spa, physical therapy, cupping, and scraping. However, there is still considerable controversy in the scientific community regarding the effectiveness of cupping and scraping. Cupping also carries the risk of burns, so it is not recommended. Consumers are advised to use their discretion when choosing these services.

Technicians are the strength of Dadang Foot Massage. New technicians undergo 3 months of training before starting work, and those with relevant experience also need to undergo 2 weeks of training to ensure consistent techniques. During foot therapy, technicians first disinfect the customer’s feet with alcohol and then use massage cream to lubricate the feet for the massage. Before applying alcohol, technicians will ask if the customer is allergic to alcohol. If a customer is allergic, they can inform the technician to prevent unnecessary harm. Afterwards, the technician will evenly apply massage cream below the knees and use massage techniques on the toes, feet, and calves. Most customers who come for the service can feel obvious relaxation and relief.

The Shenzhen Escort massage parlor is equipped with complete leisure and entertainment facilities, including large-screen TVs where customers can enjoy various movies while receiving services. It is worth mentioning that the Fuyong branch is equipped with professional projectors in each room, which is rare in the industry and provides customers with a better relaxation experience.

Dadang Foot Massage emphasizes etiquette training, and the staff actively greet and smile throughout the entire process. When customers are indecisive, the staff will patiently inquire about which part of the body feels tired and recommend suitable projects based on the customer’s fatigue. Technicians will also bow and introduce themselves before entering the room to provide service. The establishment treats all customers equally, regardless of the amount of their consumption, and there are no mandatory service charges or tips after the service. It is a great place for relaxation and leisure.

In the foot massage industry, waiting for a turn can greatly affect one’s mood, but this is a common issue. One of the main reasons is that some customers add additional services after the project has ended, causing the technician who should have finished to continue serving, which results in new customers having to wait longer. Generally, when planning to receive foot therapy services, it is recommended to make a reservation by phone. If there is a preferred foot massage place, it is best to leave the contact information of the preferred technician and directly communicate with the technician during the reservation process to fully understand the situation at the establishment and have firsthand information about the waiting time, so as not to let waiting affect one’s mood.

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