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Founded in 2014, the Lcoco78 brand of rose products currently has two branches in Bao’an District, Shenzhen. With its classic room environment and rich supporting services, it has won the favor of many customers.

Classic elements such as pearl curtains, drapes, hanging curtains, and heart-shaped ornaments are widely used in many Shenzhen Escort rooms of the couple’s hotel. Dark pink, deep red, and purple tones are also extensively used in some rooms, giving the overall decorative feel a nostalgic touch. However, the use of photo wallpapers and prop mannequins in some rooms makes the presentation somewhat rough and tacky, lacking freshness and a sense of fashion in the room design, which has been criticized. But these are common problems in couple’s hotels, and personal opinions may vary.

The “One Life, One Vow” room at the Jian’an branch is the hotel’s top room type. It has a large area, a clear layout, complete home furnishings, an open bath area, a massage bathtub, and a projector. However, unfortunately, it adopts an imitation European court design, with a large amount of golden accents that make the room visually glaring and tacky, weakening the romantic theme. The high-end room types in the “One Life” and “One Vow” series of the hotel have performed well. The “One Life” series has a rich theme, mostly related to love and nature, with tasteful interior decoration and unified theme configurations. Some rooms in the Haiya branch of this series are also equipped with outdoor terraces, making the space flexible and diverse. The “One Vow” series has distinctive themes, bright and transparent, and the beddings are shaped differently according to the theme, showing great attention to detail.

Lcoco78 offers a variety of romantic services, including proposals, anniversary planning, birthdays, and themed parties. The hotel also features facilities such as the “Love Grid House,” the Time Corridor, and the Romantic Wall of Love, aiming to leave customers with romantic memories in the form of physical objects. The Romantic Cinema and Red Wine Bar are high-end themed services, offering private cinemas and fine wine supply. Due to the complexity of these services, advance booking and customization are required.

Although there is a clear distinction in the grade of rooms in the hotel, the prices of high-end rooms are controlled at around 420 yuan, offering good value for money. In recent years, the hotel’s room facilities and hygiene quality have shown a downward trend, with many shenzhen escort customers reflecting that the facilities are outdated and not updated in a timely manner, and that the cleaning of towels and bathrooms is not thorough, which is concerning. However, due to the limited resources of high-quality couple’s hotels in Bao’an District, Lcoco78 still has strong regional competitiveness. Improving service quality and regaining user reputation should be the top priority for Lcoco78. Both branches offer free parking.

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