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The Interlaken theme hotel group, meticulously built over four years by Shenzhen East Overseas Chinese Town and Overseas Chinese Town International Hotel Management Co., Ltd., has 600 rooms. It includes the Interlaken Hotel, constructed based on the prototype of the Swiss town of Interlaken; the Interlaken Motorhome Hotel, designed with the concept of automobiles and offering original luxury motorhomes from Germany; the Bodhi Guesthouse at Huaxing Temple on a high mountain in East Overseas Chinese Town, showcasing the realm of Zen Mahayana; and the Interlaken Waterfall Hotel.

— The first water-themed design hotel

As the last and most anticipated project in the Interlaken Shenzhen Escorts hotel group, the Interlaken Waterfall Hotel is hidden within a huge rock 300 meters wide and 70 meters high. The highest artificial waterfall in the country cascades down from the hotel building. The hotel invited a world-renowned design team to create art with “water” as the element, eventually forming architectural art, video art, and interior installation art works themed around “water”. Under the bold imagination of the designer, guests have to pass through an aerial corridor, cross the waterfall, and enter the hotel lobby like a crystal palace. The designers also used modern technology to fully apply visual, olfactory, and tactile sensations in the hotel design. In the hotel, guests breathe in the scent of water full of negative oxygen ions, see the shadowy images of water, and the magnificent waterfall scenery outside can be seen from any area in the lobby.

— Perfect combination of contemporary art and high technology

The hotel has 94 highly designed rooms, all made of artificial marble, with walls and guest beds presenting a flowing water shape. The lighting in the room cleverly creates a beautiful effect of the ocean and space. From the display of artworks to the bed linen utensils, the clever design is present in every detail, even the room numbers appear in the form of images.

The huge banquet hall and performance hall, Heifield Theater, covering an area of 1200 square meters and with a ceiling height of 12 meters, has two rectangular main stages and a lifting circular stage. The independent box on the second floor overlooks the entire hall. The purple glass lamp, the roof and wall shapes of the lava, the design art is also fully demonstrated here.

The all-day coffee shop Cafe Aqua, lobby bar Liquid Point, and beer bar offering home-brewed beer, the three themed restaurants not only gather international cuisine, but the exquisite design also exudes captivating charm.

The hotel is located in the Adventure Valley, which combines a mountain adventure park and an urban theme park, integrating natural elements such as the ocean, space, forest, and wilderness, adding endless dreamy colors to it.

— Meet Hermès, luxury blooms

On the day of the hotel’s trial operation, Hermès, a luxury brand that is one of the symbols of French culture, was invited to kick off the grand opening of the Interlaken Waterfall Hotel. 40 supermodels performed the Hermès legend on the T stage in Heifield Town of the Adventure Valley Scenic Area. They wonderfully interpreted its relentless pursuit of exquisite craftsmanship and gorgeous art in the passage of time, which coincided with the classic design of the waterfall hotel through time and space, allowing guests to feel the design life journey created by the Interlaken Waterfall Hotel in the dreamy colors of flowing light.

The water theme that gives people endless inspiration, bold design ideas, and pervasive art, make the Interlaken Waterfall Hotel itself a piece of art. As a hotel under Overseas Chinese Town, and the first design concept hotel in Shenzhen, the Interlaken Waterfall Hotel will create a new brand for Overseas Chinese Town Hotel Management. The completion of the Interlaken theme hotel group is not only a new milestone on the development path of Overseas Chinese Town Hotels, but also leads the exploration of the development of theme hotels in China to a new height.

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