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The “Yue” Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Shenzhen opened in April 2016, bringing a unique spa experience to guests. The carefully designed “Yue” spa treatments allow guests to immerse themselves in tranquil moments. “Yue”, derived from ancient literature, means “rare gem”, echoing the chakra system (spiritual energy center), or the levels of energy in the body, implying the balance and joy of physical and mental energy brought to spa guests.

The Yue Spa is located on the 8th floor of the hotel, connected to the outdoor sky garden. The path paved with natural textured stones leads to the carefully maintained outdoor landscape garden, which is an excellent place for Yue Spa members to take a break and enjoy afternoon tea, a true oasis in the city. The entire Yue Spa is decorated in a modern and minimalist style, with colors in wood grain tones. The Yue Spa offers a subtle and elegant hotel Spa, equipped with 7 aromatherapy rooms, clear and pure, providing guests with comprehensive world-class spa services, making it an ideal choice among high-end spas in Shenzhen. Combining Eastern and Western spa features, integrating the leisurely realm of Tai Chi, implementing traditional Chinese incense and health essence, quietly and naturally, focusing on guests’ physical and mental health in a simple and luxurious way.

The Yue Spa selects pure natural and organic products, including the agarwood series of Yong He Tang, German Primavera organic skincare products and American Synergie medical beauty series products, bringing guests multiple and timely care. The special experiences of the Yue Spa include the “Agarwood Noble Journey” loved by men, and the aromatherapy escort shenzhen massage, hot stone massage, organic facial and body care loved by women. The “Agarwood Noble Journey” – “Agarwood” is dark brown, which is the resinous heartwood from Aquilaria of the Thymelaeaceae. The agarwood tree is uprooted and the oil is distilled from the wood. The concentrated agarwood essential oil has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing effects, and holds a top position in aromatherapy. It can also help reduce stress, relieve insomnia and anxiety, achieve deep relaxation, bring a peaceful body and mind experience, dispel negative emotions, and nourish life, making it a “Yue experience” worth having.

“Hot Stone Massage” heats natural volcanic stones and places them on tense muscle areas. The heat released from the hot stones combined with deep and relaxing massage techniques can soothe tense and stiff muscles, help release stress, and achieve overall physical and mental balance and health. “Aromatherapy Massage” combines selected aromatherapy massage oils with relaxing techniques to stimulate blood circulation and achieve deep relaxation, balance the nervous system, promote clear thinking, and calm thoughts through a combination of smell and touch. “Organic Care” selects pure natural organic plant ingredients including jojoba oil, shea, almond oil combined with vanilla and lavender essence, which can instantly replenish skin moisture. The care includes foot bath, body scrub, mask and body mask, and finally a full body massage to achieve a relaxing effect. “Moisturizing and Brightening” – using rose and sea buckthorn essential oils, helps to deeply moisturize and nourish dry or dry skin. The care begins with olive granules full body exfoliation, then soaking in a rose petal aroma bath, finally the whole body skin is wrapped in a rose body mask while enjoying a facial that can renew the skin. In addition, facial therapy, body care, enhanced care, massages and other personalized services are available for guests to choose from.

The indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool and small massage pool of the Four Seasons Hotel are open 24 hours a day, equipped with a fitness center with advanced facilities, an outdoor platform with outstanding gardening, a quiet oasis in the bustling city, and an excellent choice for you to relax.

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