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Soothing music combined with waves of fragrance, savoring a selected snack, closing your eyes to enjoy the physical pleasure brought by the massage… All of this can be done in a private space without anyone. Recently, a reporter visited the first robot “massage shop” in Shenzhen.

Inside a building, there is a space of about 150 square meters, which contains 9 independent private compartments and 11 massage chairs. It takes 15-30 minutes to relax the customers. The networked reservation process and short-term and efficient product design meet the needs of the new generation of 80s and 90s customers to get stress relief and physical and mental balance in the gaps of fast-paced work.

“One machine is equivalent to four technicians, compressing an hour’s workload to 15 minutes, which is the best practice of the unmanned Shenzhen massage concept store,” according to Wang Fangyuan, the founder of “One Moment”. Based on this, the fourth store of “One Moment”, which is also the first unmanned experience store, was born.

Wang Fangyuan stated that the birth of the unmanned concept store of One Moment is a subversion of traditional industry and self. In this era of the rise of artificial intelligence, Wang Fangyuan and his partner Yang Bo began to think about other possibilities: people can’t standardize, but machines always can. After repeatedly comparing the top products of several domestic and foreign brands, they finally chose a smart massage chair that has been certified by the Japanese National Health Department as a medical device. Yang Bo, the chief product officer, said: “Our product selection only has one standard, and that is an impeccable experience. This massage chair can detect the body’s acupoints and muscle fatigue through infrared light, thereby ‘prescribing the right medicine’. The effect of massage relaxation is not inferior to the level of professional technicians. The most important thing is that the machine can massage the neck, shoulders, waist, back, and limbs at the same time, which is equivalent to four technicians providing services at the same time.

“Online reservation, when you are tired, just come from the office, no need to take a bath and change clothes, you can enjoy the massage as soon as you sit down. Most guests fall into a light sleep within five minutes, and they can revive on the spot in a few dozen minutes. There is no disturbance from the outside world, this is your own moment,” Wang Fangyuan introduced that such an experience costs as little as 68 yuan.

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